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Privacy Policy

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GambleOnlineForMoney.com provides information on reputation and offers on a best effort basis. As such, we cannot guarantee that the facts provided about the casinos are 100% accurate. Casinos change their offers, rules and regulations from time to time – please check the individual casino you visit for its latest updates in these areas. Online casinos also alter their offers and cancel promotions without prior notice – again, the landing page of a casino will provide more information and the latest offers.

Probably obvious to say, but users need to appreciate that it is possible to lose some or all of their monies deposited and wagered on online casinos. Further, the user cannot and will not hold GambleOnlineForMoney.com responsible for such losses. While some casinos do offer fun accounts to try out their games, please be aware when you are making deposits and using a real player account, you are playing for real money.

Prior to creating a casino account and gambling online, do so with acknowledgement that you understand and agree that all actions and events that you participate in at any of the online casinos mentioned on this site, are your sole responsibility and at your own risk.

Important Note

Please know that online gambling is illegal in some countries where this website may be accessed. It is your responsibility to check whether gambling is legal in your jurisdiction before you proceed to create any form of casino account and play online. In countries such as the United States and South Africa, for example, online gambling is not legal – in such cases, please use this site for information purposes only. Any use of this website’s content in violation of any federal, state or local laws is strictly prohibited.

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