A comprehensive guide to online gambling for real money

Country Guides

Below is a list of country-specific pages detailing options around gambling online for real money. Not all online casinos target all countries – some countries, especially those like France and Spain have strict regulations around licensing of online gambling activities. Consequently, they only allow a limited few online casinos to operate for their local players. Many online casinos also tend to avoid countries like Pakistan and Nigeria where there are significant payment processing issues as well as a high percentage of fraudulent transactions.

Country Pages

The information pages above outline some of the more credible online gambling options available by country. Please note, however, that because legislation around online gambling is frequently changing on a country-by-country basis, it’s advisable to check with your local regulatory authority before going through the process of opening an online casino account. Issues of jurisdiction include where the online casino is operating from, where you are based (this may vary by country and even state in some cases – e.g. lottery purchases may be available in some states in India but not in others). As per the terms of use for this site, it is your responsibility to check and ensure that gambling online is legal in your respective jurisdiction.

Update: If you’re interested in real money casino offers for USA players, you can also check out our recently published online casino real money guide.